BMS METAL A.Ş. operates in the collection, sorting and processing of scrap metals; recovery of waste metal chips and waste cables; and recovery of packaging waste. 

We aim at achieving all phases of our production activities in a health and safe working environment. In line with this goal, we care for and undertake the fulfilment of our responsibility for creating healthy individuals and work force.

BMS Metal considers man to be the most valuable asset in all its activities; and adopts it as a continuous and primary business goal to create a safe and healthy working environment and to protect its employees from any and all accidents which may occur.

BMS Metal provides training in order to enhance the consciousness of its employees on occupational health and safety and constantly improves the occupational health and safety performance in line with the legal requirements. New investments are made in consideration of the occupational health and safety criteria. Occupational Health and Safety Management System is periodically reviewed in order to ensure the continuity thereof.

Occupational Health and Safety is the responsibility of all employees at BMS Metal.

All Employees (and other stakeholders)

Are obligated to pay utmost attention to their own safety and for the safety of any other affected people; comply with the Occupational Health and Safety warnings and rules; work in coordination with the other employees on occupational health and safety; attend any occupational health and safety trainings to be organised within the company in order to create a healthy and safe working environment, and comply with any instructions and procedures on the matter; notify their superiors and/or the Occupational Health and Safety Officials of their concerns of any and all cases which may constitute a risk for occupational health and safety.


Department Managers

Are obligated to put the Occupational Health and Safety policy into practice in the departments and workplaces under their responsibility and allocate/ensure the allocation of any necessary resources for the management of the Occupational Health and Safety t the workplace.

Responsible Occupational Health and Safety Officials

A specialist who is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety is available at all workplaces of the company. As required by their job descriptions, they are responsible for the coordination of the regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety at the workplace.

BMS METAL was established in İZMİR in 1997 by Şaban BOLAT, who is now acting as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. It has been trading such metals as copper, zinc, brass, bronze, aluminium , stainless …, etc. since its incorporation. The company further started trading scrap iron in 2012. Moreover,it is also engaged in the production and trading of brass powder, copper powder and aluminium powder.

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